Response Recovery

Beryllium Response & Recovery

SUNPRO emergency spill response to a suspected release of beryllium from an active Brownfield site. Initially, SUNPRO was contracted to contain and characterize the material during inclement weather including the decontamination of the city vehicles and surrounding parking lots. All decontamination water was contained and characterized for proper handling. Based on laboratory results and authorization by the local, state and federal regulators, all recovered water was discharged to the sanitary sewer. Laboratory results of the excavated soil demonstrated trace amounts for beryllium, below RCRA allowable standards. As such, after removing approximately six inches of impacted soil, a cap was constructed by installing a geotextile liner and six inches of clay. Restoration and final grading was completed with a three inch topsoil layer and vegetative cover. All excavated soils were characterized and transported off-site for proper disposal.