Emergency Response

Emergency Response

SUNPRO emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly trained and certified workforce can handle chemical releases, tank truck rollovers, pipeline emergencies, train derailments, leaking containers, maritime spills, in-plant releases and more. With multiple service centers throughout the Midwest, we are always close by and can respond quickly, wherever you need us.

  • Tank Truck Rollovers +

    Magnetic Patches Seal Tank Leaks

    Magnetic patches, can serve as a critical first step in the temporary reduction and stopping of releases from railroad cars, storage tanks, pipelines, and ships.The patches are another specialty tool for Sunpro, and are designed to seal leaks on either flat or curved surfaces. The patch is even capable of sealing right-angle corner joints and can be installed either on the interior or exterior wall of the vessel.Designed for use on large and small circular punctures, jagged tears, weld fatigue failures and even bullet holes, they can avert disasters that are natural, accidental, and those caused by acts of terror.

    Training classes for the magnetic patch have been incorporated into the emergency response training at Sunpro and throughout the industry, including the Emergency Response Training Program at the Transportation Technology Center (TTCI) in Pueblo, CO, (operated by the Bureau of Explosives).

  • Chemical Releases
  • Pipeline Emergencies
  • Train Derailments
  • Leaking Containers
  • Maritime Spills
  • DOT Accidents
  • In?plant Releases
  • AST Releases
  • Biological Incidents
  • Table Top Exercises
  • ER Planning
  • Trauma & Accident Scenes
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Lab Waste Packing
  • Emergency Transfers
  • Air Monitoring
  • Mobile Tank Cleaning
  • PCB Transformer Failures
  • Well Pad Emergencies