High Voltage Electrical

High Voltage Electrical

Repair and maintenance services on liquid filled and dry transformers including oil and electrical testing, leak repair, bushing replacement, painting, oil dehydration/reclamation, replacement and disposal. Unlike most transformer service companies, we are trained and equipped to service or replace PCB contaminated transformers.

  • Transformer Replacement
  • PCB Remediation Services
  • Electrical Testing
  • Oil Sampling & Analysis
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Transformer Reclassification
  • PCB Inspection
  • Bushing / Insulator Descaling
  • Repair / Regasketing
  • PCB Equipment Management
  • Equipment Restoration & Painting
  • Oil Dehydration / Reclamation

    Moisture Removal Protects Transformer Life

    The moisture content of an electrical transformer is an indication of the quality of both the dielectric fluid, and the potential long-term health of that transformer. Maintaining low moisture in a transformer is the goal, as high moisture leads to poor electrical dielectric strength and premature transformer failure.

    The Sunpro mobile Dehydration System is an unmanned, auto-controlled ultra filtration system which removes moisture from the transformers fluid, while the transformer is energized. In many cases, this type of passive dehydration is preferable to a hot oil process (industry experts state that hot oil process will not completely dry out the transformer insulation). The dehydrator can be operated for long time periods to remove more moisture from both the oil and perhaps most importantly, the transformer cellulose insulation.

    Recent dehydration processing of high moisture dielectric fluids at a steel plant furnace transformer reduced moisture from 30 ppm to less than two parts per million. Because the dehydrator removed moisture from the insulation, recent sampling two months later still showed a very low moisture level of 3ppm.

  • Emergency Response Services
  • Transformer Sales