With a certification from the Association of American Railroads’ Quality Assurance Program, we can handle planned maintenance and inspection, in addition to any emergency needs.

Our mobile services are ready to mobilize around the clock to quickly address your emergency response needs, keeping your freight cars and product moving efficiently to customers.  Our emergency services assist in minimizing OTMA requests, reducing regulatory burden and enhancing your supply chain.

Our services and benefits for rail clients:

  • Perform on Loaded or Unloaded Railcars
  • Specialize in Hazardous Commodities
  • Eliminate OTMA’s and Homeshop Repairs
  • Conducted Onsite/Anywhere
  • 100% Mobile Service
  • Keeps Freight Moving

Our mobile services include:

  • Mobile transload capabilities
  • Mobile flare service
  • Mobile tank cleaning
  • Strategically located Mobile Repair Units for fast response
    • Conduct service equipment repairs on railcars containing loaded or residual hazardous and non-hazardous materials
    • AAR M10003 Certification with C6 Activity code (removal and replacement of tank car service equipment and gaskets)
    • AAR M1002 certification
    • NDT Level II Certified leak test technicians to qualify repairs